October 22, 2007

Good Weekend & Wet Monday Morning...

How was your weekend? Hope that it was good.

It is the start of another week and already the traffic wasn't good. :-(

Anyway, again I'm blogging right after I've come back from the gym. Kekekeke.. It's my cool down time before I go mandi (shower) and then tidur (sleep).

I managed to get out during the weekend to Sunway Pyramid because the EV wanted to check out the DELL Roadshow. So, I dragged myself out of bed to bring her to Sunway Pyramid.

EV: So, which one should I get?
Me: What's your budget?
EV: Not so expensive-la!!
Me: Define "not-so-expensive-la".
EV: Ehhh.. I don't know.. Under RM3K?
Me: Oooooooo!!! *Evil grin*

She's still deciding on which model to get, either a 14" or 15.4" model.... The price is different as well.

Me: Why you need such a big display for?
EV: Ehhh.. To see more things-lo?
Me: See what-la????!!
EV: See things-la!
Me: ????

Eventually, she settled for the 14" model... I think.

EV: So, which one should I get? The 14" or 15.4" one?
Me: I thought you decided????!!!!
EV: I don't know-la. My last laptop was 15" also but taller-leh
Me: *Points to brochure* Wide screen.... Wide screen....
** Runs to laptop demo booth **
EV: Ohhh.... Yea-hor! So, what's the difference between the 14" and 15.4" models??
Me: **pengsan**

Besides EV trying to kill my remaining brain cells by constantly asking me about the difference between two measurements, I noticed that the new section of Sunway was done really well. It was bright and very open, unlike the dark and dingy look of the old section.

I took this picture as it was the "marketplace" called Marrakesh. It certainly looks Moroccan but the stores are definitely not. :-P

I like this ornamental lamp which graced the top level of the marketplace. EV thought I was crazy for taking the photo.

After walking around for about 6 hours, I managed to drag EV home as we had to prepare for our friend's wedding dinner.

We did not manage to attend the wedding ceremony which was held in the same ballroom as the dinner but we got to watch slides of the photos taken during the ceremony.

The dinner was good as expected, but we had a very strange waiter who did this...

I didn't take a very good shot of this but it's a picture of a used spoon in a teacup. The teacup wasn't even empty!!!!!

The waiter cleared my friend's plate and bowl but did not take the spoon with it. So, not knowing where to place it, he placed the spoon in my friend's almost-empty teacup. -____-"

He also cleared my friends' husband's plate, along with his fork and spoon. When we asked another waiter if we could have 3 sets of fork and spoons, he came and gave all of us forks and spoons. o__O

At first, we thought it was the norm since we had a prawn course coming up. However, looking around the other tables, ours was the only one which had forks and spoons for everyone.. .. .. .. ..

Next, my friend asked for an empty teacup, the waiter came with a glass of cold water. HAHAHAHAHAA

By the end of the dinner, we did not want to ask for anything else as we're not sure what else would he bring. LOL!!!

BTW, did I mention that the table number was 38??

In cantonese, 38 means "san pat", which literally means "blond" or ditzy. No wonder we had such such an interesting service during our meal last night. (^ ^)

BTW, Congrats to both Kae Jeen & Peter on the start of their beautiful journey together. :-)

So, how was your weekend again?


  1. hey i was in sunway pyramid last sunday too!!! i saw de dell road show.. but didnt get anything la coz my dell only like 6 months only..

  2. Hahaaha.. I see.

    My little Dell laptop is about 2 years old now. Am "dreaming" about changing it. LOL!!!

    You know-al.. Tax deductions ma.. ;-)

  3. Hahaha funny epis at the dinner. The waiter is not Malaysian right?

  4. Hi Che-cheh,

    Yeap, the waiter was from Bangladesh. When we asked for something, he said "shit".... o_0


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