October 31, 2007

Extremely Tiring Weekend

First of all, Happy Halloween!!!! Of course, we don't "celebrate" Halloween officially in M'sia but am wishing it to all those who do...

I was away during the weekend for my company's team building event @ Genting. Nope, I DID NOT go up there to wish Uncle Lim bye-bye... -____-" However, the thought did occur to some of us. ^____^

The team building event was an event many of us looked forward to because not only we got to go somewhere on the company's expense but it gave us the chance to bond and socialize with our other colleagues whom we didn't necessarily speak to in the office during our regular workday. Certainly, this was the time we got to know people better. And it was fun!

I can't post all my 242 pictures in my blog, and so, I'll just post a few which were quite memorable. (^_^)

Day 1 Activities
- Some indoor games
- Walk-Hunt
- Night War Game

Fish pond... 1 of the clues for the "walk-hunt"

Another fish pond???!! Which one is the clue??

My team's tower.

Let's pasang the "antenna" made of straws...

This is the clubhouse we go to when we have our indoor sessions, makan, etc...

Day 2 Activities
- Some more indoor games
- Outdoor rope games

Day 2 was a lot more fun as it involved some outdoor stuff. I didn't participate due to a bad knee but managed to run around to take lots of photos. Hence the 200+ photos in my camera... (^_^)

Find your way out of the web...

Do you trust your team members to catch you when you fall?

Do you have the strength as a team to scale this wall?

I certainly enjoyed myself over the weekend. It was a lot of fun. I managed to interact with different people from the company and had plenty of laughs. There were a few funny videos being captured especially during the "Bollywood Dance" contest. Hahaahaha...

Besides that, underlying the entire weekend, we learned to communicate and work together as a group. We are all linked in a chain and when we're united, we're stronger! :-P


  1. sounds like the same team building trip i had not too long ago.

  2. Hi all...

    Nicholas - it was... seriously a lot of fun!

    zewt - i'd guess most team building programs are about the same. but its still a lot of fun.

  3. droooldirectory6:21 am

    seems to be an interesting weekend for you there.
    good for you

  4. Greetings drooldirectory,

    yes, it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot from it too. Like getting the password right during the war game. :-)

  5. Day 1 :
    Your team's tower.. What tower is that lo ?

    Day 2 seems more interesting..

    "Do you trust your team members to catch you when you fall?" Yes definately, I think team mates should cooperate and work together for final goals.

    Alamak.. the wall is so high how to climb over... challenging...

    Faster upload your Bollywood Dance to let us watch.. hehehe...

    Team buildings are good to strengthen the relationship among the colleagues..

  6. Know I get to know that why you're so tire. It's must be interesting anyway am I right angie?

    HAppy halloween to you too.. Have a good rest.. ;)

  7. Hi all...

    keeyit - Yeap. My team's tower.. is a tall triangle one. Hahaha.. I didn't have the bollywood dance movie. :-(

    curryegg - yeap, very tiring but a lot of fun.

  8. MonkeyWong4:12 pm

    I wish my company do that too!
    Great time you had, too bad can watch d exciting "Bollywood Dance"

  9. Hi monkeywong,

    I'll see if I can upload something one day-la. Ppl are a bit sensitive about such things-le. (^ ^)


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