October 03, 2007

Still Hung Over...

I know.. It's Wednesday. I'm still hung over after the weekend. If you follow the link, you'll know what I mean. I probably look like that dude in the picture in Wikipedia, minus the janggut and big stick-la.

This probably explains my small hiatus from my blog as I've been quite hung over and tired after last week's activities - EV's arrival and my company's annual dinner which was a blast! (Some photos to come later)

As some of you may know, my good friend EV has decided to move down to KL permanently, so that she may torture me more effectively. Yep, she has major "plans" for my torture....

EV: I'm still not sure about the roads-la. I'm so new to KL...
Me: **Blinks** (You sure? You come down like twice to three times per year) Ehhhhh....
EV: So, are you going to drive me to work?
Me: Yea, just for this week.
EV: What just for this week??? Aiyooo... I'm so blurr-la.. Not used to KL roads.
Me: I thought you taking LRT?
EV: Ehhh, I scared I get lost-leh.
Me: Okla, I'll teach you for one month.
EV: Yay!! I got driver for one month.
Me: o________O


EV: What time are you coming on Monday morning?
Me: About 7:30am
EV: SOOO EARLY?????!!!
Me: What to do... You want to eat Traffic Jam for breakfast?

I reached EV's place at 7:15am, got her to work by 7:30am....

EV: So early!! What do you expect me to do???!!!! Nobody is there!!!!
Me: Go take The Sun newspaper-la and read-la!! Aiiyoo.. Go ask the guard for pass to go up-la!!

We were shouting at each other as I dropped her off at her office entrance. It was so funny. Lucky there weren't any bystanders or else they might have thought that I was kicking her out of the car or something.

Well, I came into the office at about 8am, nearly scared the Finance person for coming in so early. Hehehe...

I went to make my coffee and found out that the coffee machine was OUT OF ORDER.

AHHHHHH!!!! 天啊!!!!!!

So, I've been walking around the office looking rather blur and out of sorts. I've sent out strange e-mails which my colleagues find so amusing.

Colleague 1: Ehhh.. Your e-mail ar.. When is the thing?
Me: Ehhh...
** Looks at e-mail**

Me: ALAMAK!! Sorry! Sorry!
Colleague 1: Hahaaha!! You ok or not?

*Sigh*... I've got to get back to the gym!!!!!!

Note: My knees are about 99.1% healed. Will starting hitting the gym next week when I feel stronger. Thanks for your well wishes. (^ ^)


  1. So, where were you again? Anyway, I have a strange feeling my wordpress blog access is gonna get blocked soon. I can't seem to move beyong the login page. Talk about bad mid-week.

  2. Hi cirnelle,

    I've been floating between the earth's upper stratosphere and a conceptual place called "heaven"...

    Heheehe.. In short, been a bit bz since some of my team members got back and I have to ramp them up for the project ahead.

    *Sigh*, I hope that you won't get blocked. If you do, there are alternatives.. ;-)

  3. MonkeyWong3:04 pm

    Ur friend EV darn funky one :P

  4. Your friends so cute ler, like to depend on people too much. BTW, why your blog still not pink yet?

  5. monkeywong - yes, she is interesting...

    jam - hi!! hehe.. i think having the background in pink is too much. i'd guess getting the post colour in pink is ok enuf-kua...


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