October 12, 2007

I Won?? Ohh...

I was coerced into joining Lilian's GoDotCom contest recently and was surprised that I won something for participating in it....


Oooo.. Must thank Terence too...

MANY THANKS TERENCE!!! By the way, how was hell? Kekekkeekekekekeke....

I am however disappointed that zewt did not participate. If ever there was a vote on who should go dotcom, it'll be him. ;-)
Ehhh... Me no suck up-la. Me telling the truth one!!!!

I rarely win anything. Even if I did, the prize isn't very fantastic.

Yep. I'm serious about that.

I remembered going for a "Grab Bag" at the church fair and managed to pull out the worse prize of the lot - a Kodak keychain,
which was rusty!!!!! (Who puts stuff like this for the church fair??)

If you're wondering, what's my prize, its getting my own domain!!! Yipppeee!!!

I'll be getting in touch with a friend about hosting. I'm sure that he'll be very happy to get some business from me. (^ ^)

Anyway, on the subject of winning - here's a little video I got from Reuters once the Nobel Laureate 2007 prizes were announced. It's of Doris Lessing who is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. If you're wondering about her, go wiki her... i.e. Go search for her on Wikipedia-la. Past laureates include one of my favourites - Ernest Hemmingway, Rudyard Kipling and Pearl S Buck. If you hadn't heard of those writers, it is time to go to the bookshop and pick up one of their books... BTW, Doris Lessing's the 11th female to receive this award. ;-)

I just looovveee her expression of "Oh Christ..." or was it "Oh Cripes..." (^ ^) I don't know... I'm slightly deaf after all.

Just watch the video and you'll know what I mean.

I'm very delighted (in a very dignified British manner) of winning something. :-P

To Little Ray and Leonilpi - CONGRATULATIONS for your win!!!


  1. congratulation to you! You deserve the awards.. ;D

  2. Congratulation Angie !

  3. THANKS!! :D Same to you too =)

  4. curryegg - thanks!! *blush*

    jamy - thanks!!! (^ ^)

    little ray - have you figured out your layout and etc yet? :-P

  5. Hi keeyit!

    Terrriiimmmaa Kasssiiihhh!!! (^ ^)


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