October 15, 2007

It's Never Enough - Holidays, Sigh!

I get that same 'ol feeling again - That feeling that it's the last day of your relaxing weekend/holiday. (-___-)

Anyway, it was a good 4 days of rest although I did a lot of running around during that time. One thing I was glad about was the easy traffic on the roads for the weekend. However, I could not say the same for the traffic at the malls. (-____-)

Me: OMG!! So many people here!! Why don't these people go "balik kampung"????
EV: Aiya... Where else can these people go-la. Traffic jam going back kampung, you know?

I was supposed to watch Ratatouille but ended up watching Resident Evil:Extinction. It's a long story. It involved me being late.

EV: You're late!!! How can we watch the movie now???
Me: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry....
EV: So how now?
Me: Ehhhh.. You wanted to watch Resident Evil, let's go watch it.
EV: You sure?
Me: Yeah... Just remind me to go toilet before the movie, so I don't pee in my pants should I get scared.

What can I say about the movie? Did it manage to escape the dreaded Curse of the 3's i.e. Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Carribean 3, Rush Hour 3, ....? I'm not sure. All I felt was that it was entertaining. It's because I didn't have the "curse" of watching the first two movies before. **smirk**

Aside from the fact that Milla Jovovich had skin to die for in the dry dessert heat of Las Vegas/Nevada/post-Apocalyptic world, I would have to say that it wasn't as scary as I thought. Maybe I've been playing too many scary games like F.E.A.R or Silent Hill (1,2.....???) to know when the damn zombie boss will appear. All in all, I saw product endorsements like never before - Sony this... Sony that... Oh yea, the pic was made by Sony. Geez, it felt like a very long Sony advertisement!

Oh well, like I said, it was entertaining. At least I got to hang out with EV who said that the movie was not up to snuff as she has seen both the previous movies.

I had a load of books to read start over the weekend. However, I only ended up wrapping them in plastic so that the book will be kept in good condition. I still have a whooolllleeee lot of books to read. :-P

Snoopy couldn't escape boredom as well. She's wearing her new harness. I think she feels like she's being asked to be a horse. LOL!!! The harness is for us to use when we take her out so that we can attach her leash to it. She tends to get excited when she sees other dogs.

It is just past 11pm. And I have < 1 hr left before the holidays end. *SIGH*!!!!!!


  1. Just balik from kampung. The traffic today is good, no jam.

  2. Ok, I lazy to email you. So, can you go to http://www.register.com/, find a name and then, email me? Thanks! Please tell me which is your current blog URL also pls.

  3. maria - Glad to hear that your trip was ok. (^ ^)

    5xmom - okie dokie... will do that-la. ;-)

  4. Wah, you read alot of self development books ya..

    I went for movie too but i watched The Bourne Ultimatum at One utama..

  5. Hehehe.. Yeap.

    Self-Help, Leadership, Management, Strategy... Oh yea, I didn't put up my list of IT technical books as well. Kekekee...

    So many books, so little time. (^ ^)

    Ooo, how was the movie?


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