October 10, 2007

Why I Beloggg....

A while back, Lilian ran a contest to "Go Dot Com". The contest is to blog about "why blogging is beneficial". This is my *ahem* attempt.

I started back in 2003, when one random stranger chat me up on YM in regards to technology and he introduced me to a website (yeap, it was called that back in the day) and it was a collabo between himself and some friends.

It was a good website, talking about life in KL and etc, which was good - since it gave people outside M'sia about the life in general for the average M'sian on the street. You don't get those rose-tinted, perfume-scented, wrapped up in a nice package you might envision if you're on some travel tour or something.

So, I started to "blog". I wanted to talk about alot of stuff, typically ranting on bosses, and life in general.

I took a hiatus from blogging as I didn't know what else to talk about and besides, I had to focus on being a modern slave. That was 2003.

However, come 2006 onwards, blogging took an entire different turn. People started to talk about everything from pets, cooking, parenting and even about their diseases. Not to mention, blogs caught the eyes of marketing folks and now, people are indulging in PPP and etc. That's great 'coz what was a journal-like website became something which can churn a little bit of $$$ on the side for some folks.

I don't condemn PPP but sometimes when it is stuck in a personal blog, it looks a bit "funky".

I got back to blogging when my first dog Oofy died - a huge outpour of emotion came out. A lot of folks dropped by and offered support, which was what I needed and I found a whole new group of people who shared a passion for animals and pets.

Soon after, I had another dog and decided that I would blog about her antics. Then, I realized that blogs can give some folks joy especially for those who don't have pets but yearn for them too.

One of my previous posts showed support for "Free Burma", when all blogs were asked to join in the support for Burma.

So, blogs have now become a platform for people to voice out their support and grouses, to champion for something. And I'm not just talking about the political blogs out there. There are blogathons to champion for a worthy cause such as pledging donations for charities such as Breast Cancer Awareness (for this month) and Saving the Environment.

Certainly, the role of blogs have evolved from what was termed as a website, to personal journal to e-marketing tool and a means to spread information in regards to an issue or event.

I'm just blabbering here... But I can certainly see that blogs are here to stay. It is a powerful tool and like a very wise playwright has said many centuries ago, "The pen is mightier than the sword" rings very true in the modern age of bits and bytes.


  1. Yes, blogging is a real fun especially when you share something that is new with all your fellow readers. Feel so great about it!

  2. MonkeyWong3:33 pm

    Salute u! U're my sifu of blogging!
    Blogging helps me to release tension. :P

  3. Jam - Yeah.. Blogs are much more warmer than a website 'coz you can "interact" with people. :-P

    MonkeyWong - Aisay... I was going to call you my sifu-la. If you mau release, you go n see Horny.. Hahaha

  4. I started my blogging to improve my english actually.. Hehehe.. I forced myself to write in english daily.. :P

  5. I love the way you write. Looks like your dog has given you the inspiration to blog. I had a dog, chiwawa before and she died because of an accident on the road. It has took me a month to recover my sadness.

    Gosh.. I am thinking of her again. Lol.. Happy blogging to you.. ;D


  6. keeyit - hehehe!! that's good practice actually. i should learn to do that for learning mandarin... hmmmm.. (^ ^)

    curryegg - thanks.. *blush*... so sorry to hear about your dog. yep, if you can go visit Snoopy, she'll be glad to offer up some licks and snuggles. ;-)


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